We advise you where to invest your money and time, and what to avoid. We can find common ground with your potential customers and business goals, advise you on how to do marketing better, more effective, engaging and choose the right path to your goals.


We strive to cultivate our agency playground, and thus contribute to education in our hardly comprehensible field. We get rid of shortcomings connected to the fast development of digital industry, like sidelining of strategic management of marketing communication, wasting money on dysfunctional trendy tools or rash, ad hoc sales campaigns.


In our conception, we begin talking about the situation on a given market, who is the customer and what are their motives. Subsequently, we focus on target segments that will be worth the gain. We define our market position and we define objectives for each activity. When we finally know the customer, we know how and what to say, we prepare an executive plan with real marketing activities.


Nothing would stand a chance in practice without experienced people from across agency and client worlds. Grizzlink was therefore created as a fusion of those people. We cooperate with startups with global ambitions, we are partners of traditional companies and e-commerce projects, global corporations and public administration institutions.