What we are not afraid of

We believe that a connection of proven marketing approaches, knowledge of contemporary technological tools, and advertising platforms, brings benefit. Grizzlink came to be as a conjunction of experienced people from the industry who have spent their many years around marketing and advertising.

Research& Strategy

We look, we ask, we browse, and we seek fresh clickers’ know-how. We create innovative marketing strategies and bring new customer to your brand. We help companies expand abroad.


Creative& Comms

What we come up with, we send around the world. Be it a webzine or your grandma’s favourite paper magazine. We design visual identities and advertising campaigns. We shoot videos and we take care of your communication.


Data& Web

No pain, no data gain – so the automated data collection or advanced web analysis belong to the basic tools of every successful campaign, and properly designed strategy.


Who trusts us

Jan Skoda, CMO

“We have been working with the Grizzlink team for a long time within the preparation of product campaigns such as Selský jogurt, Balance, Pan Bůůů. They always take care of complete processing from the design of the communication concept through the campaign strategy to ensuring production in the form of shooting TV spots, graphics, texting and subsequent execution. Any campaign can both capture the product and target the right customers.”

Jan Schöppel, Head of Marketing

“Grizzlink has greatly helped us with the whole rebranding process. From preparing of market researches, through the creation of the concept to actual implementation of the campaign (production and planning – with a media agency). I see them as a strategic partner, who helps me to coordinate individual agencies (PPC, social, media), and I have to say that even the performance of individual agencies under their guidance significantly increased.”

Martin Bursik, Marketing Manager
Business Lease

“We comprehensively engage with the Grizzlink agency in all our marketing activities. We started our cooperation by developing a marketing strategy and communication concept based on a thorough analysis of the market and customer target segments. We worked up all of this creatively, and extended it to other activities, such as PPC campaigns, e-mailing, SEO or digital PR. Grizzlink carefully analyzes how the individual channels contribute to the brand and to the designated goals, and therefore I see them as a strategic partner with whom we are moving our brand yet further on.”

Latest work

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