Worldwide speaking, Costa Coffee is one of the most famous coffee shop chains. The situation in the Czech Republic was different though. Costa started suffering from a significant loss of incoming customers. As a response, Grizzlink designed a social media campaign to raise awareness of some of the most affected branches as well as brand awareness in general.

Our approach

Based on the data analysis we came up with a number of tactics to address the target groups. We opted for targeting a younger generation through geolocation targeting of users who were near the most affected Costa branches. We also increased the media budget for said branches and created a series of creative solutions actively working with different daytimes. The entire creative scope consisted of organising photoshoots, copywriting, creating posters and menuboards; all that for every one of the 51 branches in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


The campaign reached well over 230 thousand people at a price of 0.15 CZK per person. The majority of reached users fell within the age groups of either 13-17 or 18-24. Approximately 30 % of the reached users within 13-17 engaged with the ads. Ultimately we managed to increase the footfall in the selected Costa branches.

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