The collaboration with Business Lease started with a continuous marketing communication for the brand. The objective here was to increase the sales volume and to improve brand awareness.

Connection of quantitative research and data collection from publicly available sources.

The research was conducted in two phases. At first, a quantitative research on a predefined target group took place – people who have bought or are planning on buying a used car. This criteria was combined with quotas regarding gender, age and region.

The objective of the research was to investigate the awareness of the competitors, verify main motivators and barriers for the purchase, and define the target group and its preferences with regard to the buying process. Next, we aimed to identify the price groups for the purchase of a used car. On top of that, we tried to investigate the key factors that enter the purchasing process. All these insights were researched on the sample size of 409 respondents.

These outcomes were later supplemented by the information collected from publicly available sources.

One of the insights coming from the research is the fact that the main barrier for purchasing a used car is distrust in the seller which is strongly related to the seller‘s brand. The customers are well aware that they can’t estimate the car’s health. Hence they will rather see someone who is trusted either by them or by someone they know.

For customers, the Business Lease brand is the symbol of certainty and trust on the market of used cars. That is because their cars are certified with the mileage guarantee and from the first owner.

Given the insights from the research, the objective of the campaign was to break the barrier regarding distrust in used-cars sellers. The communication is therefore focused strongly on the racional arguments and product rather than emotions. Furthermore, due to the fairly small brand awareness, an unambiguous communication is imperative. Every single piece of the marketing outcome needs to have a clear link to the segment of used car and the Business Lease brand. In the bottom of the marketing funnel, it needs to be apparent that these used to be leased cars. At the same time, the communication here is strongly product-oriented – first-owner car, service history and mileage guarantee.

It pays off to be second.

The entire communication works with the main message that it pays off to be the second owner of a car.

You won’t be able to tell a difference between a new and a used car. offers only certified cars from the first owner for a good price.

For the largest reach possible within the available budget radio advertising was chosen. Another selected channel was a continuous paid PR across many months in the relevant print magazines. The goal here was to support the brand awareness and shift the readers’ preference towards operative leasing in favor of

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