The cloud accounting software Evala, launched at the beginning of March, has chosen us as partners for its long-term digital communication. We kicked off the collaboration with the creative concept “But in Evala”.

An illustrated character named Evala, created by the client’s own team, serves as a unique brand element and guides both the commercial and other communications.

The concept used in the brand commercial and on social media is based on hyperbolized situations from the lives of traditional accountants who work in outdated ways. In contrast, it highlights the advantages of the modern Evala software, such as digitalized accounting, advanced automation, convenient remote work, and other benefits

We aren’t afraid to joke about accountants who still work with paper invoices, manually transcribe documents, or have to go to the office because of their on-premise software. In contrast to these situations, we always show how Evala enables handling these tasks digitally, automatically, intuitively, and conveniently.

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