Create a global brand concept to introduce Daytrip to the American audience? Yes, we can! Produce a video spot that creatively stands up to the US? Yes! Prepare a media strategy as well? Sure! And plan and buy media in the US. No problem!


of the target group likes the campaign


of the audience is motivated to book Daytrip on their future trips


of the target group evaluates Daytrip positively

Daytrip is a transport service that brings together verified car drivers from all over the world. It provides reliable and comfortable door-to-door transport and guarantees a hassle-free travel experience. Our challenge was to create a global brand concept and introduce the brand to the American audience traveling worldwide.

The campaign ran in the US during the summer holiday season. The main part was digital - mainly via branded online video formats. Additionally, static formats were also used on social media and in online lifestyle magazines. OOH media was placed in strategic locations in select cities and airports in the state of California. Radio spots were also chosen in California to increase the reach of the target audience, who are constantly on the move.

What else did we do as part of the campaign?
➾ Production selection / Direction.
➾ Selection of US media agency.
➾ Selection of OOH surfaces + print + radio in California.
➾ Execution of digital campaigns.
➾ Creative for online + offline.

“Daytrip has become a confident global brand over the years and its professional drivers from almost all over the world who provide a perfect service to our customers are a big part of that. In the campaign, we connect their friendly faces with the key product benefits important to the American customer, and this also allowed us to communicate the primary essence of the brand.” says Grizzlink’s creative director Iva Janigová.

“We found a great partner in the director Jirka Horensky and the production team behind him, Boogie Films, with whom we were on the same page from the treatment to the finalization of the spot. Thanks to their smart approach to the assignment, they proved that it is possible to produce world-class output even in local and time-constrained conditions,” says Jana Mišáková from Grizzlink, and continues. In cooperation with a Californian media house, we have not only prepared the media strategy, but we are also carrying out the actual purchase of the media space.”

„This is our first brand campaign of this scale. Until now, we have focused mainly on coverage in countries attractive to creditworthy customers, whom we have reached through performance tools. But now we realise the need for brand building, which led us to this brand campaign,” said Markéta Bláhová, co-founder and COO of Daytrip. She adds: “The brand promise is ‘We turn transfer into a convenient and carefree experience’ and our mission is to convey this to customers at the same level anywhere in the world.”

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