Dobré nitro (Healthy inside) is a project brought to life pro bono for a Czech non-profit organisation Loono. Its goal is to destigmatize mental illnesses and to educate the public on how to prevent them.

Grizzlink’s paw-writing is evident throughout the entire project – from the communication concept through naming, logotype and key visuals to recommendations for setting up the online campaigns.

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Healthy inside

Based on the objectives of the project, research on mental health and long internal discussions, the name Dobré nitro (Healthy inside) has been established. It works well within a broad range of communication activities, evokes caring for the soul and shows positive outcomes of self-care.

The logotype of the project is a symbol of a cloud. It is a metaphor for the state of the mind, inner world and thoughts. Its design is in line with Loono’s visual style and interconnects all the campaign visuals.

During the second phase of the campaign, Grizzlink came up with consequential visuals for online and out-of-home communication.

In their design, we followed up on the original concept which started off the whole project. We aimed for highlighting the most common mental illnesses in a cheerful manner. That’s why we choose a set of riddles which help arouse curiosity and thoughtfulness regarding the issues of mental illnesses.

The campaign took place on Facebook, Instagram and Instagram Stories. The combination of various visuals, formats and campaign optimization techniques delivered particularly good results.

On top of that, we collaborated with UMPRUM (Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague) on recreating the key visual live. They designed an installation art of the campaign’s cloud and placed it in the window of the mamacoffee store in Vodickova street in Prague.

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