A well-known Czech brand of pet food and supplies Akinu decided to enter a segment with pet dry food with a brand new product VITALITY. While the target group is aware of the market trends and wants only the best for their pets, they have little time to educate themselves on the theory of nutrition and they are unwilling to spend money on expensive products.

The situation analysis for the campaign consisted of a quantitative market research investigating the experiences of 300 respondents. Among the main results was the fact that despite Akinu having been on the market for 27 years, only 2.5% of the category buyers had a spontaneous awareness of the brand. The direct competitors were recognized by 6% and 22% of the category buyers. The prompted brand awareness for Akinu was at 32%. The research also made it clear that pet food and supplies on the Czech market are mostly impulsive purchases.

“It was quite a nut to crack to fit in all the important facts within the 10 seconds in a way that the target audience would remember it.”

Jiří Jakl

The goal of the campaign was primarily to support the product launch and also to increase the brand awareness of Akinu within the target group.
VITALITY is made of fresh ingredients only. Thanks to the fine smell and ingredients, it can be easily mistaken for fresh meat. We use this benefit to hyperbolically compare the product to fresh prey.
Pet food VITALITY is intended for dogs and cats and contains a high proportion of meat. The communication is therefore based on naturality in the form of fresh prey. The media mix consists of sponsorship advertising, online video, performance marketing, out-of-home ads, but also of the pet food fair 4pets which is crucial for the brand.

"While thinking about the new campaign for VITALITY, we knew beyond doubt how crucial an opening campaign for the new brand is. The product launch, including the entire communication, though went as seamlessly as it gets."

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