The population has just undergone weeks of restrictions, isolation and fear. The shopping malls under the brand of CPI PG reopen their doors across the whole Czech republic and the objective is to communicate these events. Given the unpredictable developments in terms of government regulations, the campaign must be ready within 10 days.


Campaigns for 10 malls within 10 days


Acumulation of the reach for all the shopping malls (not the overall unique reach)


Click throughs

The most insightful part of the research came from splitting the customers based on the shopping mission. Given the current situation the most prominent missions involved the bargain itself rather than window shopping and spending time in the shopping centre with family or friends.

The research has been split into three consecutive phases. The first one included a qualitative survey with the exploratory aim to map and prepare attributes relevant for customer segmentation. This part took place in the form of three focus groups of eight respondents in each. The outcome was the definition of each shopping mission which were consequently verified in the quantitative parts of the research. These firstly consisted of online surveys on the robust sample size of 10,000 respondents with the goal of identifying the footfall and popularity of each shopping mall. The last part of the research included a detailed description of the buying process on the sample of 1,500 visitors of the shopping malls.

In the pre-launch phase digital media were used to inform the customers about the planned reopening. In the following post-launch phase, a diverse media mix including out-of-home ads was planned. At this point, the campaign focused on achieving the broadest reach within the relevant customer segment in such a manner that the info is seamlessly conveyed about the reopenings, visitors’ safety and campaigns of each store.

“The stores outside of shopping malls had a certain lead thanks to the government regulations so we needed to let the customer know real quick that we are back, we are safe to visit and that the stores prepared a number of discounts.”

Michal Kratochvíl
Marketing manager for CPI Property Group shopping malls.

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