Premium Financial Services is a provider of financial services. The objective was to support the recruitment process of new employees and help the growth of the company. Finally, Premium Financial Services was to be perceived as an innovator in the financial advisory sector.

PFS moves the industry forward beyond regular advisory services thanks to its innovative business systems. Thanks to this innovation, not only can PFS’s advisors work easier, the company also differentiates itself from the competitors which are usually not as innovative.

At the same time, though, we had to deal with the fact that the financial advisory sector has a fairly bad reputation, be it on its own or through the people working in the field. The sector carries a burden of past media cases and personal experience of a large part of the society with advisors without education motivated only by the amount of their commission. But the situation is taking a turn for the better and the professionalism of the advisors helps the whole industry. PFS is miles ahead and we need to express that in the communication.

We want to be provocative and controversial

We communicate r/evolutional approach and product. We parody the sector of financial advisory and set ourselves against it. We draw inspiration from the Space Odyssey. The creative output  shows the progress and innovation, and we subtly suggest that next to PFS’s know-how, any other approach seems obsolete.

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