Not only new name and visual identity, but also fresh offering of TV programs, loyalty programs and new services were all elements of the rebranding campaign.


Leads within the first 3 months


Spontaneous brand awareness after the campaign


Prompted brand awareness


Ad recall

In 2019 the provider of pay-TV DIGI TV will soon be left without a license to use its name on the Czech market. At the same time a complex refresh of its product and services is on the horizon. A brand refresh is therefore imperative taking into account that dual branding was not an option. As a result, rebranding must be swift and intensive.

Telly positioning is built on simplicity and fairness.

One of the primary objectives was to map the situation on the market because the current market data was not available. Firstly, a qualitative research was conducted to build the brand strategy on solid foundations. The positioning statement was based on three aspects – competitors, market’s expectations and company’s abilities.

Throughout the TV spot and out-of-home ads, we liken Telly to a family member.

The main objective of the campaign was clear – to convey the message that DIGI TV is now being transformed to Telly. The creative concept has borrowed a couple of elements from the previous communication in order to seamlessly communicate that Telly is DIGI TV’s successor and that it brings lots of new and better perks. It was apparent from the segmentation that different product perks are important to different customer segments – someone prefers advanced control functions while someone likes a wide range of TV programs. 

The campaign idea is to liken Telly to just another member of the family. He/she is always here for you and thanks to the wide range of TV programs it will always please everyone’s preferences. This message was conveyed through a TV spot and out-of-home. In the subsequent shorter spots we develop this message and show the interactions with different members of the family – this way we introduce all the key benefits relevant to different customer segments. In the activation part of the campaign we personalize this message.

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